Men and women tend to think differently. Some say women think more with their intuition, and men are more practical. On the other hand, to some people this is just a bunch of prejudices and a references from pop psychology. Whatever the case is or- whatever you choose to believe in- there are some things successful women do differently than those who are, let’s say, less successful. Even if you are somehow happy with your life choices, it is always useful to upgrade yourself, right? That’s why we made this list. We present you 15 habits that make determined women even more successful.

1. Make a brand of yourself. The times of having one profession for the lifetime are over. This is the time to think fast and think about the things you do really well. And the most important thing is- find something that will identify you as a brand. Do you write well? Are you a good listener? Do you find art amusing? Go for it. But be professional and think of it as your specialty. Educate yourself in areas you find unique, and ideas will follow.

2. Focus on the 20%. We will try to explain it like this: in today’s economy and all the unpredictable problems that can generally ruin your plans, it is important to know when the progress is actually happening. You see, when you have a lot on your mind, and many women do, you only see the negative sides. Sometimes you miss the good results and concentrate on the problems. Keep in mind that 20% of effort gets you about 80% of results.

3. Prioritize people. Sometimes in life you will feel too overwhelmed. When you’re good enough, you will have different chances to shine. However, you can’t spend your energy equally on many things. Try to see yourself in the future, and try to figure out what you would like to choose for yourself. As hard as it sounds, it is crucial to your future success. Do you want to prosper financially or spiritually? Do you care more about the work you do or about the salary you receive. Choose your choice and go for it.

4. Try to evolve as much as you can. Remember that your learning doesn’t end with college. Back in the days, your obligations were to attend classes, but now that you are an adult woman you need to work on your education. There are many courses today on sites such as Coursera, that offer free knowledge for all kinds of professions. There is no reason not to challenge yourself in order to learn more.

5. Focus on solutions and not on problems. Let’s face it, problems are everywhere. It’s not that hard to find a problem anywhere you look. On the other hand, those who offer practical solutions are pretty rare. It doesn’t matter if you want to start your own business or you plant to work for someone else. Solutions are essential for every single job out there.

6. Think outside the box. As we already mentioned, the times have changed, and people today tend to explore more talents, which is great! But why not use that, and find different solutions for your problems? For instance, you need to hire someone to design the cover of your book but you don’t have enough money for that costly agency. Why not hire someone from freelance sites to do it for less money?

7. Make your own high-performance culture. Not everyone is a good manager. But if you are a good problem solver and a leader, then you should know about a few tricks that could help you in your career. Firstly, write down objectives with clear deadlines. Then, do the check-ups frequently.  Be sure to give everyone clear feedbacks and rewards for everything they did well. Treat your team members like you have many goals in common.

8. Have confidence. Trust yourself and you will feel the change. Many women are aware of their qualities, but they just find it hard to say what they really want. Being able to say what you need and being clear about the things that matter to you are crucial for a successful business woman. Also, have in mind that having confidence is a skill. You may not be able to express yourself right away, but exercise will help you a lot.

. Monitor your emotions. Women tend to have more emotional reactions to things. However, remember that your working space is not your living-room (or it is, if you work from home, but that’s not the point). It is important to know when to stop, because in case of a stressful situation you just need to stay calm. At the end of the day, it’s not about how many problems we have, but how we actually deal with them.

10. Organize yourself well. This is also very important for every woman who wants to succeed. Whether you are working for yourself or for anyone else, you need to know how to deal with your time and obligations. Take one step at the time, though. You don’t want to get frustrated by your own indecisiveness at some point. It’s okay to make mistakes sometimes, but try to have a general plan and inner organization.

11. Take care of your communication skills. While some women are naturally charismatic and have no fear in front of the people they don’t know, others, more introverted women may know how hard it is just to talk to people. And by talk we mean: meetings, talking to new people, writing emails, talking on the phone… The list goes on. Nourish your skills and upgrade them any time you have the chance.

12. Find yourself a woman mentor. We are not saying that you should not look up to a successful man, but a successful woman is the one that has probably already gone through what you are encountering now. So the amount of experience are great! Also, let’s try to think different for once; women usually think of each other as a threat, when they should fight together instead. So open your mind and look for that mentor.

13. Keep your personal life personal. If you are working in a team, you probably have that one person who is always complaining. Think about how annoying you find it, and you will understand why it is very important to know the line between private and professional. We are not saying you should not talk about anything, we are saying that sometime we can reveal a bit too much, which will distract other people from what we really are.

14. Stay informed and well connected. Once again, your education is not finished. You will learn your whole life, and that’s one of the best things that can happen to you. But you need to know what’s happening around you. Many successful businesswomen admit that they read blogs, follow all kinds of social networks, read the paper, watch the news…just to stay in shape. The world is changing fast and you need to keep the track with it.

15. Admit when you make mistakes. Mistakes are common and we all make them. However, many women punish themselves for making mistakes, and they don’t know that it’s even worse than making that mistake. You need to conquer your ego and go on, past mistakes. If you can’t solve it, leave it for some time and go on with your life. Don’t stay stuck with problems you can’t deal with right now

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