It’s another Monday morning and you have to get to work; that job that you hate so much, that job that brings you unhappiness and you always end your day frustrated. You get home thinking how did I even get into this job in the first place? Have you finally decided to have a change in career? Or are you still in school and wondering what career path to choose? Here are 10 questions that will help you choose your career path.
1. Know your personality
Who are you? What do you like doing? What excites you? What annoys you? What motivates you?

2. What are your goals?
If there is one thing you want to be known for, what will it be? What do you want to be your greatest achievement in life?

3. Money
If money wasn’t a limitation, what would you rather be doing?

4. Skills/Talent
What Natural abilities do you possess? What skills have you acquired? What talents make you stand out from others?

5. Promotion and Prevention
What would you want to promote or prevent? What changes do you want to impact to your world? What more do you want to prevent from happening?
6. Lifestyle
What kind of lifestyle do you dream of having? Do what will make you most comfortable.

7. Environment
Where would you want to live? What environment suits your personality?

8. Advancement
What opportunities for growth are available in the career path? If you have to further your education for it, would you?

9. Importance/Relevance
How relevant is your career to the things you love? What importance does your career path serve to you?

10. Success

Can your career make you successful? What is your definition of success? Can your career choice make you achieve that?

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